Mattias is a 3 years, 9 month old boy who was referred for a speech language evaluation by his parents. His family is monolingual English speaking with both parents and an older sibling at home. Parents stated that they were somewhat concerned as Mattias did not seem to have as many words as his older sibling and he is hard to understand at times. Developmental milestones, such as crawling, sitting, walking,and self-care skills, were reached in a timely manner. Mattias’ parents report that he babbled and cooed as an infant. His first word was spoken at 15 months. A play-based conversational sample was elicited to assess his language skills. This sample with Mattias and his mother was elicited following the protocol for the SALT Play database.

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Mattias' sample was transcribed following the SALT transcription conventions. Articulation errors were not coded.